ACV-VA recommends online flights. 

5.1 - EVENTS
The events that ACV-VA were to perform, will be always Online and annouced on our site.

 5.2 - PIREP's
The flights will be monitored by FS Airlines ACARS that will allow automatic sending of PIREP's to the Company's website, updating the Pilot Service page.
A manual with instructions on how to install and use is available to the pilot, on PILOTS page.

5.3 - CALLSIGN                                                                                                            The ICAO Code of ACV-VA is composed of KRY letters and when in voice transmission, the callsign is "Kriol". The flight numbers are 7 characters and may  be (Eg.) KY12345, K123456 or 1234567

Online flights, pilot must use as a callsign, the number assigned to him when registered (eg. KRY025 - "Kriol-zero-two-five").

ACV-VA offers a range of flights that can be chosen by the pilots. The pilot can fly any route whenever he wants. 

In ROUTES page of our website, the pilots will have access to our routes.

ACV-VA pilots have complete freedom to fly Online a non scheduled flight by the Company, with Company's aircraft, using their personal callsign (eg. KRY010).

For pilots who use the medium and long haul aircraft, ACV-VA reports that the FMC programming must comply with the following rules:

 - The Flight Plan shall be as real as possible, having in mind these 3 items:
 - Lower flight time;
 - Lower fuel consumption;
 - Greater passenger comfort.



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